Music Production

Horizon Studios offers expert tuition in the use of the Music Production software – Ableton. We will teach from beginner to intermediate level. 


Delivery includes, amongst many other things: the familiarisation of software, Beats, Bars, Tempo & Genre, Loops & Samples, Drum kits, Piano rolls, Midi & recording. 


This course offers young people the opportunity to enhance and embrace their creative thinking, STEM skills, decision making and listening skills. This is developed further with team work, project management skills and musical/interpersonal collaboration.  


On completion of the course, participants will have an understanding of Music Production and will write, create and produce their own piece of musical material to share with the world.


This course offers a rarely seen opportunity for young people to engage in an activity that is not normally accessible due to technological and geographical barriers.


Horizon Studios professional tuition in DJ’ing, from beginner to intermediate level using Pioneer DJ controllers & USBs.

Delivery includes, but is not exclusive to: introduction to decks & mixing, song selection, genre, beat matching, FX and beats, bars & phrases, ‘crate digging’, set up & etiquette.

More than what’s needed to start a DJ career.

This course offers young people the opportunity to further develop their STEM skills, become confident in their decision making, strengthen an eye for attention to detail, gain an ability to effectively problem solve along with a number of other skills.

On completion of this programme participants will have a playlist & recorded a mix.

Lyric Writng

Horizon Studios experienced delivery in rap & lyric writing, from beginner to intermediate level. Delivery includes, but is not exclusive of: introduction to rhymes, structures & schemes, metaphors, similes and personification, artist analysis, story telling, performing, recording & acapella. 

This course offers young people the opportunity to develop: creative writing, english figures of speech, vocabulary, decision making, problem solving, STEM skills, confidence, communication, articulation along with a number of other skills.

Budgeting - Big Break

We have designed a budgeting task that showcases the "behind the scenes" of the music industry. Learning what goes on asides creating music. 

This task puts groups into teams and gives them control of a £15,000 budget to spend on 9 different options. Decision-making & negotiation is critical to a successful team. Many other skills, such as: maths, communication, leadership, forward thinking & project planning are developed through this task. This session can effectively be done with groups of up to 40+.

Learn real-life experiences on what record labels have to do to support artists & their music. It’s no good making the greatest song in the world if no one is going to hear it!


 Explore, Experiment & Experience

This programme was designed to be delivered to KS2 & KS3, offering them insight into the music industry through a number of different activities: Ice Breakers, Team Tasks, Music Production, DJ’ing, Enterprise & a celebration event to graduate participants. Students are presented with a certification to acknowledge the learning they gain from the 3E’s session

This programme allows young people to explore, experiment & experience what it's like to be a musician/producer/dj. Skill acquisition in Music Production and DJing as well as project management, budgeting, negotiation & decision making. Each of these develops educational STEM and inspires young people to explore new opportunities. There’s a lot that can be learnt in a short amount of time!

Journey Through Sound

This workshop encourages experimentation, collaboration and creativity. Our session inspires an engaging introduction into music technology on industry standard software - Ableton. 


Delivery includes, among many other things: the familiarisation of software, Beats, Bars, Tempo & Genre, Loops & Samples, Drum kits, Piano rolls, Midi & recording sounds all around us

Careers Talks

Directors Josh & Josh have taken an alternative path into employment, gained much life experience & disrupted the status quo. Horizon Studios have a careers/life talk session which leaves young people feeling inspired and capable of chasing their dreams. We do this by sharing our story, through the ups and downs, and many a u-turn. This session can take up to an hour, or be shortened to fit into a session with less time. 

Learn about what motivates two young barrow lads to keep striving for success & growth - see into the mindset, history & future plans for SWERVE & JD, and Horizon Studios.

This can be used as a school assembly, evening key-note or online webinar. Whatever works best!

Tailored To You

Horizon Studios is always looking to evolve. If you have an idea for a project, get in touch to turn this idea into reality. 

Private Studio Hire

Horizon Studios now offers private studio hire for filming and recording. Contact us for more information.