"New Social Enterprise of The Year 2022" - CSEP

"Community Focused Business of The Year 2023 Finalist" - Love Barrow Awards

Horizon Studios aims to demonstrate that it is possible to pursue your dreams, to aspire to achieve, to take risks, to push yourself to new heights and attain individual successes.

Horizon Studio’s mission is unique to this region with no other platforms offering such methods of learning and development.

Horizon Studios, located in Barrow-In-Furness, is an organisation to offer skills development through musical exploration and collaboration. We will provide insights & opportunities within the music industry. We operate the following workshops: Music production, DJ’ing, Artist development, Lyric writing & 1-1 support.

“We really valued our visit to Horizon Studios. You were able to engage with the young people in a really positive way and made them all feel capable and talented. There was a great feeling to the energy in the room and it was good to see the young people laughing, collaborating and feeling proud about what they had achieved” - Sarah Cubiss, Delivery Manager at Brathay Trust, Barrow

“It is important to note that our year 6 class included children who disrupt lessons and require 1:1 support. As the music teacher I was surprised to see these children fully engaged and contributing to this session, and even asking when they would be coming back to school.” - Emma Dockeray, Music Teacher at Bransty Primary School, Whitehaven

“Strong male role behaviour in-session directly leads to better male interaction of many of the students. Outside of the session, I have been able to break cycles of negativity and tried to establish much more positive relationships with the students”

“I see these students every day; I teach some of them. I know their histories. Some of them have never demonstrated these levels of enthusiasm + motivation + focus.” - Andrew Hopkins, Deputy Head of Trinity School, Carlisle

“I honestly wanna thank you both so much because without [Horizon Studios] I wouldn't be where I am now. This is my dream and with your help I'm starting to live it.” - BM, a young person on our Horizon Stars programme